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Bentley Motors, Ltd. is a British automotive company that specializes in the production of premium cars. It was founded by Walter Own Bentley, better known as W.O., in 1919. Two years after the company was established, the “3-liter” Bentley was launched into the market.

Bentley’s love for racing influenced his first models, which were powerfully built open cars that quickly emerged as champions at Le Mans. The England-based company fitted their strong race cars with handcrafted coachwork parts to render their vehicles more sustainable.

In 1931, the car manufacturing company went through financial woes, which led them to sell the brand to Rolls-Royce. They shifted their focus from sports to ultra-luxury cars under the sponsorship of Rolls-Royce in the decades that followed. In 1998 the Volkswagen Group purchased Bentley and upgraded the factory with a billion-pound investment after that. Since then, Bentley has grown and extended its range of products and gotten in touch with its sporting origins. Modern Bentley models have remained true to their conventional qualities, maintaining their magnificently built cabins and exceptionally robust engines.


Tuning this luxury vehicle requires service of the highest quality, the experience of qualified specialists, and exquisite craftsmanship that matches the owner’s requests. Bentley is a bright car refined in every aspect, worthy of an exclusive look. Hydra Motor Works is an outstanding tuning workshop, which offers all the modern upgrades to your luxury Bentley.

Bentley delivers a convincing combination of old-world British elegance combined with futuristic luxury engineering and success courtesy of its maker, the Volkswagen Group. True to Walter’s mission statement, “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in its class,” Bentleys have remained to be one of the most coveted best-performing cars worldwide.