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About Land Rover

Land Rover models are renowned for their high performance and ability to function in the harshest conditions. The Range Rover model is regarded as the optimum luxury SUV and can bear a six-figure price tag when fully fitted. Besides Jeep, Land Rover is the oldest four-wheel-drive manufacturer in the world. The Land Rover brand is now owned by Tata Motors, whose headquarters are in Gaydon, United Kingdom.

The Rover company introduced the first original Land Rover in 1948. It was built using a lightweight, rustproof patented magnesium and aluminum alloy known as Birmabright. Due to its corrosion resistance, the Land Rover established a reputation for its durability even in the harshest environmental conditions worldwide. Seven decades later, it is estimated that two-thirds of all Land Rovers are still at work, many of them in some of the harshest environments and inhospitable areas on earth. Currently, Land Rover has grown into a brand enveloping a variety of four-wheel-drive models.

Range Rover Tuning

A car is not just a means of transportation but an indicator of its owner’s status, temper, and willpower. Automobilists who have a great deal of personality undoubtedly need an appropriate car. In our opinion, no vehicle other than a car of the Range Rover brand can be equal to this task.

Automakers of Range Rover brand cars have done an incredible range of work on the way to achieve such success. The cars of this brand nowadays can be seen in any country in the world. Their popularity may be because the best traditions of off-road vehicles and luxury cars are combined in every centimeter of this steel horse. It seems to be perfect, but this is far from being the case. Who can prove this? The Hydra Motor Works tuning services can turn a standard model into a real, exclusive miracle.