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About McLaren

Even though the name McLaren is not as big as Ferrari and Lamborghini, it is on its way to being mentioned in the same breath as the two legends. In 2016, McLaren doubled their revenue. In North America alone, their revenue increased by 40%. When the sportscar industry was down in 2017, McLaren increased its figures again in North America by close to 30%.

Utilizing their experience and expertise gained from years of F1 motor racing, McLaren is currently in the business of manufacturing powerful road cars that could put Ferraris and Lamborghinis to shame. Unlike other automakers, McLaren has not produced an SUV and has exclusively remained in the exotic sports cars and supercars industry. The British automaker's range of products includes the beautiful 720S and the speeding Senna, which all bear prices in the six-figure range. People with especially deep pockets may be more interested in the $2 million Speedtail, but sadly, they are all out of stock.

McLaren has always been on the lead when it comes to car design, with their racing legacy dating back to the 1960s. During the early 1990s, McLaren resolved to use their experience in autosports and set out to build the first motor production car, which would come to be known as the McLaren F1. After working with Mercedes Benz on building the SLR supercar, McLaren was willing once again to start producing its own cars.

McLaren’s first smooth car build since the F1 debuted in the shape of the MP4-12C in 2011. Soon after, McLaren raised the bar with the introduction of the P1 hybrid supercar, which went on to set new performance records worldwide.

McLaren keeps pushing boundaries with their production cars’ increased growth even in the midst of intense competition from other manufacturers of high-end exotics vehicles. Using the years of Formula 1 practice combined with the latest technology, McLaren cars are built to surpass all success thresholds.