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March 26, 2018
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Kline Innovation Audi R8 V10 2017 Valvetronic Exhaust



The Audi R8 2017, with its v10 engine, aluminium monocoque spaceframe, and striking yet refined styling is a formidable supercar, yet still refined enough to be used as a daily driver. with this in mind the sound and performance criteria for the exhaust was clear, to sculpt an exhaust that would be comfortable at cruising speeds, yet raw and powerful in sound and nature in high revs.

Incorporating all the regular innovations from kline, perfect x pipe geometry for that incendiary howl we have become renowned for, as well as a valvetronic system that allows you to drive your R8 silently when cruising, yet the most intoxicating high pitched aggressive vocal when the valves open.

Under valve closure the exhaust gasses are diverted through a series of chambers and acoustic sections to completely remove any cabin noise and drone, at valve open the exhaust becomes completely free flow for optimum performance and sound, the gases only passing through our trademark x pipe, to effectively raise the pitch of the exhaust note.

The valves are actuated by the cars factory vacuum system, and can be controlled by our new wireless remote INCONEL BUTTON kit

Removal of the secondary catalysts from the silencer section, and addition of a completely free flow system under valve open, result in optimum efficiency from the exhaust, and some moderate power and torque gains – 21hp and 27 nm power and torque gain

Kine Innovation Audi R8 exhaust is available in 304 stainless steel (19.5kg), or ultra light weight F1 grade Inconel 625 (9.0kg).

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